epic catering.

Our take on the brown bag catered lunch will blow you away, and if that doesn’t do it, the whole smoked pig will.

The "fine Print"

$40 delivery fee if less than $250, within a 25 mile radius.

Utensils not included.

Minimum 48 hours advance needed.

The Epic Feast

The EPIC Feast

3 full racks of baby back ribs

1.5lbs pulled pork

1.5lbs smoked brisket

1 quart pancetta mac and cheese

1 quart Carolina slaw

1 quart grilled leek mash.

Feeds approximately 10 people


Small Menu

Smoked Brisket

Dry rubbed, slow smoked beef brisket with homemade apple wine BBQ sauce

1 LB


Slow Smoked Pulled Pork

With homemade apple wine BBQ sauce

1 LB


Smoked Chicken Wings

With homemade apple wine BBQ sauce

1 LB


Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs.

Whole Rack


Lamb Lollipops

Lamb chop with sweet smoked tomato chutney.

Min order of 50


Whole Pig Roasts

whole pig | 70 lbs.
Feeds approximately 70

Make a Grand Presentation with Our Whole Pig Roast.

Please call for pricing.

Large Menu

(Pre-carved upon request)


Feeds approximately 10

Whole Loin/12 lbs 


Filet Tenderloin

Feeds approximately 10 in cuts or 30 thinly sliced

Whole Loin/8 lbs 


Smoked Prime Rib

Makes approximately 45 sandwiches / Horseradish crusted

Whole Loin/15 lbs 


Ham (seasonal)

Feeds approximately 20

Whole Loin/9 lbs


Smoked Salmon

Served with capers, onions, chopped eggs and dill cream

Whole Loin/4 lbs


Smoked Whole Turkey

Feeds approximately 12

Whole Loin/15 lbs


Bagged Lunch

Office Bagged Lunch

1/2 a club sandwich (dont worry it’s big), fruit cup, chips, cookie, bottled water, and napkin
Minimum Order of 12



Pancetta Mac & Cheese

18.00 - QUART

Carolina Slaw

12.00 - QUART

Grilled Leek Mash

14.00 - QUART

Collard Greens

15.00 - QUART

Baked Beans

14.00 - QUART

Creamed Corn

17.00 - QUART

Onion Brioche Bun

1.00 - Each

Slider Bun

0.60 - Each

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