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Catering Menu

Small Menu

21.00Smoked Brisket by the Pound

Dry rubbed, slow smoked beef brisket with Homemade Apple Wine BBQ Sauce.
1 lb serves 2

15.00Smoked Pulled Pork by the Pound

With Homemade Apple Wine BBQ Sauce.
1 lb serves 2

25.00Baby Back Ribs

Apple Wine glazed.
Whole Rack

4.00Lamb Lollipops

Lamb Chop with sweet smoked tomato chutney.

2.25Candied Bacon Lollipops

Brown Sugar Pepper Glazed Bacon on a Lollipop

Large Menu

(Pre-carved upon request)


Feeds approximately 10
Whole Loin 10-12 lbs

200.00Filet Tenderloin

Feeds approximately 10 in cuts or 30 thinly sliced.
Whole Loin 8 lbs

230.00Smoked Prime Rib

Makes approximately 45 sandwiches / Horseradish crusted.
Whole Loin 15 lbs


Feeds approximately 20.
Whole Loin 9 lbs

85.00Smoked Salmon

Served with capers, onions, chopped eggs and dill cream.
Whole Loin 4 lbs

90.00Smoked Whole Turkey

Feeds approximately 12.
Whole loin 15 lbs

450.00Whole Pig Roasts

Feeds approximately 70.
Whole Pig 70 lbs. Served with homemade BBQ sauce and bread


20.00Pancetta Mac & Cheese


14.00Carolina Slaw


16.00Grilled Leek Mash


1.00Onion Brioche Bun


Epic Feast

157.00The Epic Feast

3 Full racks of Baby Back Ribs, 1.5 lbs Pulled Pork, 1.5 lbs Smoked Brisket, 1 quart Pancetta Mac & Cheese, 1 Quart Carolina Slaw, 1 Quart Grilled Leek Mash.
Feeds approximately 10 people.

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness